The hoverboards are quite a sensation, since their arrival the lives of many children, young people and adults have changed to become much more fun. These devices for the little ones of the family have several particular characteristics and you will have to choose one model or another according to the specifications that best suit what you are looking for. Little Bear Hoverboard is one of the safest and widely selling hoverboards for children.

What are the characteristics of a Little Bear Hoverboard for children?

We can distinguish this model from other vehicles by its shape. Normally they do not have handlebars and the wheels are on each side of the table where the feet must be placed, this table is anti slippery to avoid accidents. Its conduction is carried out by rolling forward or backward, maintaining balance.

These models for children have amazing designs and a modern system of LED lights that will help your little one to drive without major problems when the sun goes down.

Types of hoverboard for children:

There are several types of hoverboard for children, we can usually distinguish them by age:

Hoverboard for children of 6 years:

The hoverboards for young children are much simpler and have more powerful lights to illuminate the road easily. Its speed capacity does not exceed 5 kilometers per hour, so it will be very easy for the children of the house to drive them. Their wheels are usually of maximum 5 “and it is common for them to have a large capacity battery since children will want to use it for many hours and to go everywhere.

Hoverboard for children of 9 years:

The hoverboards for children of 9 years have a slightly more advanced design, their wheels are 6, 7 or 8 inches, have a better grip and are able to overcome a little more complicated terrain. They can reach a speed of up to 15 or 20 kilometers per hour, perfect for the little ones to start living the most fantastic adventures.

Hoverboard for children of 10 years:

If you want a good hoverboard for children 10 years and older, you can examine vehicles that reach speeds of up to 20 or 25 kilometers per hour. These models come with wheels of about 10 inches plus a comfortable grip and great ease to overcome obstacles. Verify that they support at least 100 kilograms of weight, the most ideal thing is that your little one can use it until he is at least 14 years old.