The SagaPlay F1 comes to prove itself as an all-around self-balancing electric scooter. It promises impressive levels of power and speed. It’s an all-terrain hoverboard. You have the freedom to go virtually anywhere. The design looks very compact. What it does is to be bulky which is great considering that it has the power. The design has paid much attention to their self-balancing faculties that go a long way in improving safety.

Main characteristics of Sagaplay F1 Hoverboard:

  • It has 250 watts double of the motors.
  • It has a lithium-ion battery with intelligent protection.
  • It’s Splashproof.
  • It comes with 6.5 “of wheels.
  • It has gyroscopic sensors.


SagaPlay F1 Self-balancing Auto Scooter Balance Board SagaPlay is far from the average, it is the next generation of self-balancing electric board technology

Sagaplay F1 Hoverboard is great in performance. It can easily support a weight of up to 220 lbs. The hoverboard allows turning in any direction. The hoverboard can run is all terrain. You are free to face all kinds of surfaces with this hoverboard. Gyroscopic sensors are effective in control. It has an intelligent protection battery ensures that it lasts longer. The splash water test ensures that they do not damage when maneuvering through wet conditions.


– IR safer: SagaPlay F1 auto balance board with UL2271 certified LG Smart battery. Experienced and passed 159 tests in relation to safety standards, which means no potential fire risks.

– More Power: SagaPlay F1 has two engines that help you climb steep slopes like 15 degrees and last for 1 hour and more than 9 miles of reach, with a single charge, making it the most powerful balance board in the 250W market.

– Go anywhere: With LED battery indicator, anti-skid food pedals and solid rubber tires for off-road purposes. IP56 classification for water resistance and strength. Maneuver through the grass, mud, and sand on the board to make it easier.

– Self-balancing: Going forward, back and forth even, every movement, from the beginning to stop. It is powered by dynamic balance which easily allows board control riders by changing the weight of their body. In addition to the built-in fast 2 hours fast charging technology makes the most sophisticated product of its kind.


The Sagaplay F1 Hoverboard is a fantastic board if you take into account its ability to maneuver in all areas. It is a moderate hoverboard performance that is more convenient for people who are just starting to use hoverboards.