A Segway board is a self-balancing two-wheeled scooter. The company got the patent for the Segway board in 2001 and has launched several models since then. In 2016, the company launched the mini Segway, the smallest version of the vehicle that can also be used as a Segway for children.

Are you one of the riders or Segway boards and are you a nonconformist and need to differentiate yourself with a certain style from others? Do not hesitate, now that you have your electric scooter or your hoverboard you will want to give it that personal touch. Very simple, now you can decorate your personal Segway with attractive stickers. Thus, you can change its appearance and also you can protect it.

There are a large number of Segway Stickers to choose from. Among the accessories that can be found for Segway scooters.

Decorate your Personal Segway Board with Beautiful Stickers:

Decorating any electric scooter to your liking is simple and cheap, it may not protect it like the hoverboard covers, but they are very cool.

If you are a little crafty, you can place the stickers in strategic places where it is easier to rub or suffer blows in your electric scooters, they will not protect it like a silicone sleeve, but they can be a good solution to avoid roll-ons or even to cover any brand that our electric vehicle has suffered.

Segway Stickers:

With Segway Stickers, you can give an elegant look and lead on board Hoover of despotism at the same time. Segway creates a totally new look to your electric skate and sets it aside from the excess.

It can be wrapped on the tag also provide zero basic guard to keep your favorite hoverboards long in optimal conditions at all time. This numbered skins in two self-balancing featuring ultra-high gloss inks and it covered with a transparent protective coating for maximum durability even from the distance. All Segway stickers use a patented removable and repositionable adhesive for quick and easy installation with problem-free abolition.

Segway Stickers will allow you to customize the colors and designs of your scooter because, for you, your scooter is not a means of transport. It is much more to practice skateboarding is to live.

The selection of the design and color of the stickers, along with that of the sandpaper, will come to fix your personality as a skateboarder: how others perceive you.