Skque Products has been designing products since 2003. Their main goal is to provide the best quality of hoverboard on the market.

The design of the Skque is slightly different from other hoverboards. The Skque of the foot has a wider platform and larger wheels. Included in the box is also a remote control with three buttons. By remote control, the board can be locked and unlocked.

The Skque is a Hoverboard with an excellent price-performance ratio. The rider can drive people with a maximum weight of up to 150 kg.

Although the tires are a bit bigger than the competition, the speed limit is 10 km / h. This also has good reasons: more than 10 km act in a hoverboard already very dangerous. Due to the larger tires, this plate is better to drive on uneven terrain. But if you also want to float easily on gravel and grass, you should look at the next exact Hoverboard.

Skque Hoverboard Features:

  • This hoverboard is durable and Reliable. It is designed with stronger shell & enhanced aluminum chassis that provides unmatched product durability.
  • The charging system of Skque is incredible and it is certified with UL 2272 certification that ensures secure and safe charging and electric system.
  • It runs 20 kilometers with just one single charge that depends on the conditions of the terrain.
  • There are 3 things that make Skque Hoverboard very dependable and trustworthy. First that as we said, it is certified with UL 2272 Certification. Secondly, Skque is the U.S.A. brand that surely ensures a trustworthy brand. And the third quality is that Skque offers the 1-year warranty. This 1-year warranty is limited that covers various parts of the Skque scooter.
  • Skque always comes with really flashy and cool features that can make a rider a superb riding experience. There are 2 most highlighted features of this hoverboard. First, it comes with Bluetooth Speaker that is, of course, is wireless. With this, you can directly connect your smartphone and play your favorite music on the go. You can easily operate the songs with your phone.


Basically, this is a good all-terrain hoverboard that offers the best performance. It is UL certified Battery & Electric System that ensures ultimate operating safety and stability. In addition, in Skque, they are providing Bluetooth Speaker, so you can enjoy the music while riding this hoverboard with style.