Veeko Hoverboard Reviews:

For many, a “hoverboard” is a skateboard that flies, specifically, the skateboard shown in “Back to the Future II”. It is the one that has been talked about a lot but is still years away from the mass market. But for an increasingly large group of people, the “hoverboard” is a real product, available in stores.

The user maintains the balance on the artifact through sensors, such as gyroscopes, which also allow controlling their movement: tipping the two feet forward makes it move forward. Two feet back allows you to go back and tilt only one starts a turn.

If you are a hoverboard lover and you are already familiar with the brand Veeko and you know what to expect. Veeko is one of the best brands in the field of the hoverboard.

When there is a matter of safety, Veeko hoverboard comes first. They have earned full UL 2272 / 2271 certification.

Let us find out more details about Veeko Hoverboard.

Veeko Hoverboard Features:

  • The weight of hoverboard is just 22 lbs. so you can carry it on anywhere and enjoy this portable board.
  • Motor capacity is 250W so it is capable of shifting weight up to 225lbs easily.
  • It takes time to charge up the battery is just 2 to 3 hours and it can go up to 12 miles from a single charging.
  • Cruising speed of Veeko is 6mph which is quite low but if you want really a great hoverboard with superb function, Veeko is the just the right board for you.
  • It is designed with bright LED light that makes Veeko Board great in dark.
  • Its 6.5” solid tires make the fun ride for most standard surfaces.
  • Inclines of up to 15-degrees, so you can make a casual journey.
  • Veeko Hoverboard is included with auto shutoff feature which is a nice touch of this model. This way, if you will not use Veeko hoverboard for 10 minutes, this board powers off so it can preserve its battery life. Which is a simple feature but it is a great feature.


  • It looks nice.
  • Battery safety certification and solid construction.
  • When it is in use, feels reassuringly robust performance.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Auto shutoff facility if not used for 10 minutes.


  • The top speed of this model is just 6mph which is a little sluggish and slow.
  • Bluetooth speaker included.
  • Not water resistant.